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2017-04-25 04:47 pm

Goodbye LJ

So here I am. About to blow up my LJ. Truth is I post so infrequently anymore. But I feel like I should still have a presence somewhere other than FB.

I've been here awhile, but never posted. I'm going to see if I can't bring LJ here, before I hit delete.
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2011-04-10 12:31 pm


Has anyone gotten LJBook to work in say the last 6 months?  I can get it to start exporting then it ends up crashing out.  It may be due to the DDoS attacks but then - that's the exact same reason I want to get my stuff exported. :/
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2011-01-13 02:42 pm
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Writer's Block: Everyday I write the book

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I actually know the answer to this one!

It would be called: "You can't make this shit up."
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2010-11-01 10:55 pm

Help - signal boost


There's a few of you left over here whom I consider the best signal boosters I know. I have a friend who is only the second known pagan Chaplin of a university in the country and she needs assistance to support four kids to do something completely awesome for them and in the name of spiritual tolerance. These folks need a bit of money raised by November 12th.

Please consider helping, or at least boosting the signal.